I want to view images but don't know how?

1. You can either click on the link supplied by SSI in the post events email, or

2. You can also choose to manually enter your event name PLUS either your surname or bib number into the appropriate search fields where your event carries bib numbers.

Note: when entering your event or surname you must ensure you select the correct event from the dropdown menu for your result.


I didn't get an email with my image links?

There are a few possibilities to explain this. It is possible that this information was not provided upon entry to the event or that this information has an inaccuracy. Contact us to provide your information or to manually find your images, see above.


How do I purchase images?
When you preview any image from your collection, you will then view our cart with all purchasing options.


No refunds or exchanges on Digital Images

It's very important when ordering any digital product that you take care and order exactly what you're wanting as we are not obliged to provide a refund and cannot be liable for your mistake when our system supplies your digital image/s immediately upon purchase.


Where do I check out?

Your personal shopping icon is located at the top of your page, above our Advanced Search tab.


How long will images be available?

We aniticipate images will be kept for approximately 4 years, after which, images may then be removed and no longer be available. SSI reserves the ability to remove images at any time, so we recommend you to purchase as soon as you can afford to do so.


Identified v's Unidentified?

An 'identified' image is any image were we can see the entire bib number! All 'identified' images are viewable via clicking on your post event email link supplied by SSI or by entering your event name plus either your surname of bib number from the top of any page on our site

An 'unidentified' image is any image where either all or part of the number is not entirely visible. All 'unidentified' images can be searched for in our advanced search.


How do I use the Advanced Search?

Simply click the 'Advanced Search' tab, then from the drop down menu's available, select your event and then the appropriate discipline ie run, swim or cycle. Once your discipline is selected, all search filters available to you will become available. Select the appropriate criteria available and view the results. If successful, add your bib number in the space provided for your images only and click 'save'

*any image that is NOT of you, can not be added to any your collection and will breach our site usage rules if done. This service provided by SSI allows you to find your own images and add them to your own collection. Any images found in your collection that are not of you will risk your order being blocked until full payment is made. SSI remind users of our terms and conditions of use.

*all childrens events are classified as 'secure' events. In order to utilise the advanced search, you must correctly use the code supplied in your event email.


How do I add an unidentified images to my collection?

If you are successful in your advanced search, when you preview your image, enter your bib number into the space below which says 'If this is you, enter your bib number here if this image is unidentified' and click 'save' to add these to your collection.


What is the Downloadable / Digital Superpack?

This is 2 full versions of your entire collection including ALL of the identified images of you from your event in downloadable format in 2 seperate design options as shown in the product description from our cart.


What is the Electronic Downloadable Pack / Digital Photo Pack?

This is the collection of ALL of the identified images of you from your event in downloadable format, which you can download to your own device after purchasing. Images in this collection must clearly include you and should only be added due to our inability to clearly see your bib number.


What is the Social Media Pack?
This product includes all images in your collection in low resolution (605pix at longest dimension), digital versions. Images are approx 100kb in size and are only suitable for sharing via our Social Media API (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest), directly from your SSI account. These images cannot be enlarged or cannot be reproduced as printed images.


How do I order any Pack product?

You simply need to select any one image from your collection, then add the quantity and your bib number into the appropriate field of the shopping cart. All images from your collection will be downloadable after purchase.


How do I access my Pre Paid product?

Simply create an account with SSI, ensuring that the email address you use, matches that which we've used to send you your email! Once this is correctly done, your pre paid link will be available to activate in your account under 'My Pre Paid Orders"


What does my Electronic Pre Paid Pack contain?

This product includes all identified images of you in downloadable format. Simply follow the steps provided in your Pre Paid email to access all images. Your pack is generated from the shopping cart by simply viewing any one image from the collection.It is important that you read your email carefully and be sure to select the appropriate product that is listed in your email.


How do I access my downloadable images?

All downloadable products are accessible via your Download Link on your order confirmation email.

Customers that have ordered via your SSI account can also access their links at any time via the My Orders tab from within your SSI account, Guest account holders can only access your links via the order confirmation email.


What is a 'zip file'?

In order to supply your images via one link in the most efficient manner, SSI can provide your images as a zip file if your choose. It is important that your device has the appropriate application to access your images when selecting to download via zip.

Mac systems can typically access zip files by default via a 'double click'. 


Can I download my files onto my ipad or phone?

Yes, however you can only select to download via 'zip' file as long as your device has the appropriate application. We recommend using the 'individual link' to access your images when using mobile devices.


Can I add any images to my Electronic Downloadable Pack?

Only if they are of you and you are very clearly visible.The Electronic Downloadable Pack is the collection of one person only and all images in that collection must contain that bib number/person and they must be clearly visible.


How can I purchase my image/s?

When viewing your images, your purchasing options will be available to you as you view your image. Select your images, crop if required, preview your available choice then you add your selection to the cart. Once you are happy with the products, proceed to check out and pay.


Do I have to create an account?

No! We now offer customers the ability to purchase via an SSI or 'guest' account.

How do I access my images via a Guest account?

When purchasing any downloadable product via a guest account, your downloadable link is supply within your confirmation email. Access to your image is only via this link! Creating an account after any purchase will NOT provide access to your earlier purchase!


How do I create an account?

From any page on our site, simply click ’Join’ and fill out the details. You will be sent a confirmation email in order to activate your SSI account prior to log in. Once you actviate your account, via the email, you will be logged in.


Can I pay in any currency?

You can choose to pay in either AUD, NZD or SGD. Prices will be shown when you select the appropriate currency of choice.


Does my purchase include GST?

In Australia all product prices listed include GST where GST is applicable.


Do you accept Paypal?

We certainly do. Please be aware that your product/s will be availbale once your payment is captured by SSI and subsequently the transaction is successful.


Do I have to create an account to order?

Yes, all purchasers must have an account. As an account holder, you have complete access to your full order history; you can edit your billing and shipping details, subscribe to our newsletter, download any certificates available and also access any of your downloadable products.It is important for all customers to know that all account holders privacy is respected and accounts with SSI will not generate any unwanted communication. Your account is a system requirement for the purpose of your order only.


Why do you need my address if I am purchasing a download?

There are minimum requirements from any system and your account set up has a minimum requirement which includes a postal address.


How do I know my order has been received?

Once you place your order, you will receive an email from us with confirmation of your order. Your order information will also be available from within your account.


I have an account but I can’t remember my password

That’s OK. Click on ‘Login’ and then click ‘forgot your password’.  You can reset your password here.


How do I access my event certificate?

On any event where we offer a certificate, as an account holder with us, your certificate will automatically be available from within your account. Non account holders can download their certificate by clicking the visible link provided when viewing your collection.


Can I make changes to my image before I order?

Yes, we now offer you a 'crop & enlarge' tool to allow you to make some changes if you wish. Please note that you are unable to make any adjustments to your images when purchase the download pack.  

We also have specialty products on offer from the cart that will allow you to add special designs to your images as well as your finish time. Once you are happy any adjustments made, you can apply your design and then add them to your cart and proceed to purchase. Please ensure you preview your image afer making any adjustments, particularly when adding any design.

*Always be mindful that any change via the crop tool, will affect the file size of your image and may have an effect on quality. We encourage you to only make minor changes. We cannot guarantee any particular file size when using the crop and any crop will reduce the size to varying degrees.


Previewing our designs.

When printing any product with a border, we do not make any adjustments to the position of the border prior to printing. The position of your border as previewed is exactly as printed, so as it is up to you to ensure you are happy with your order prior to purchase.


Previewing your time.

When previewing your time, the system should show your actual race time. If this is not accurate, it is important you notify us as this will not be adjusted prior to printing. The previewed time on your image is what will be printed on your product so it is vital you ensure this is accurate prior to purchase.


Whay type of paper will my prints be printed on?

Your print order is handled by SSI in house with your item printed on a Lustre / Semi Matt professional paper. We do not use high gloss due to the difficulties handling this type of paper.


Are the prints cropped?

All 20 x 30cm prints are full framed prints and no cropping will occur. 12 cm x 17cm prints are slightly cropped. As such, these prints may lose a small amount of detail from the end/s of your prints. SSI will always aim to maintain the integrity of your print. In situations where the print is tightly cropped and we must avoid any cropping, this will result in your image being be printed with narrow edging to maintain the correct image dimension. It is agreed when purchasing your 12 x 17 printed photo, that any image where the integrity of the print may be too greatly compromised by the natual crop from your 12 x 17cm print, SSI may choose to apply small edging to your print to avoid any crop loss. This decision will be made by SSI with the intention of producing the best possible result.


How do I view the video?

You can choose to enter your actual finish time or the time of day when you finished. To order the video, enter your actual finish time and a 60 clip will be created from 30 secs prior to your finish.


In what format is the video provided?

Your video clip is automatically provided to you in 3 downloadable formats (mp4, avi, flv)


How long will prints take to arrive?

We expect your print orders to be received within  7-10 business days for most printed orders. We aim to dispatch within 5 business days from receipt of payment. Your prints are posted via regular postal service so once prints are dispatched, we cannot guarantee the arrival time after that dispatch.


How large are the downloadable images?

Typically our image sizes range between 1 meg and 2 meg depending on the camera and settings our photographers have used.  These image sizes are the maximum available, have not been adjusted and cannot be enhanced. We offer you the full size available.

*please note that these sizes are simply a guide and SSI do not guarantee any particular size with your downloadable purchases.

*please also remember that any crop from our zoom/crop tool will reduce the file size and therefore may affect your ability to print high quality prints. SSI can not be held accountable for changes that are made by customers.


The photos of my bib number are not me?

We rely on the event data to allow us to identify you. This data may occasionally contain an error and on occasions, your bib number can also be mistaken. If this is the case, select ‘found a problem’ and advise us so we can remove any such images from your collection.


I can't see my event listed on the calendar.

Upcoming events are listed up to well in advance. Click 'View All Upcoming Events' to find your event llnk. All events from previous dates can be found in 'View All Previous Events'. If the event is over 6 months old, it will be found in 'Archive' which is found by clicking "View All Previous Events' and selecting Archive and the relevant year.


Will my email address be used for marketing?

Absolutely not. SSI takes data usage very seriously. Under no circumstances will any person’s data be mishandled or supplied to any 3rd parties.


What happens if I Unsubsribe?

When we receive notification of your deciison to 'unsubscribe', we will remove you from the event list. Please note that this will prevent you from searching and purchasing at any future time for that event.


Enabling Cookies?

In order to understand 'cookies' a little more, view this link or simply do your own research to ensure your device is enabled correctly.